Monthly Archives: June 2011

Applebee’s Hot Wings Not So Hot

On my last visit to Applebee’s, I ordered an appetizer, hot boneless chicken wings. First of all “boneless chicken wings?”… Continue reading »

Spice Up Your Bagel

Every now and then I run behind and don’t have time to make breakfast. For those times I keep a… Continue reading »

Spicy-Sweet Chile Jam

    Print Spicy-Sweet Chile Jam : Relish : 8 cups   At least one day of the weekend I love to… Continue reading »

Hot And Spicy Fig Jam

Print Hot And Spicy Fig Jam : Relish   For those who enjoy a little Sweet and Heat. Ingredients 4 lbs… Continue reading »

Scotch Bonnet Chicken

This is one of the hottest dishes I have prepared to date. When I started to eat I knew I… Continue reading »

Hot & Spicy Cranberry Dip

    Print Hot & Spicy Cranberry Dip : Appetizer : 2 cups   If you are tired of the same old… Continue reading »

Chicken With Mandarin Orange Sauce

Here is a little something sweet with a kick. The mandarin oranges give this dish a nice little sweetness when… Continue reading »

Get Creative With Leftovers

If you live alone as I do, sometimes I like to look in the refrigerator and start grabbing. Tonight I… Continue reading »

Spicy Beef Kabobs

This fiery dinner is a favorite of mine, and when I say fiery I mean blazing. This a great kabob… Continue reading »

Hot Peppers Good For Diet

Many people use jalapeños, serrano, cayenne, banana peppers, szechwan, and habaneeros in their daily cooking. One ingredient, capsaicin, the heat-inducing… Continue reading »

Beaver Brand Jalapeño Mustard Review

Beaver Brand has a vast selection of condiments for your flavor enhancement needs and today we’re gonna pitch a close… Continue reading »

Green Chili Relish

    Print Green Chili Relish : Relish   This is a great, fiery-hot South American chili relish. If you are… Continue reading »